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All Ears focuses on candidates running for office as a way to introduce themselves to their constituents. The audience will have an opportunity to learn not only about the candidates' policy perspectives but also their background, what drove them to run and what they feel are the challenges facing our country. A long form discussion allows each candidate to present themselves "unfiltered." We are not here to ask "gotcha" questions or get a ten second sound bite. Let's listen and learn.

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Upcoming Candidates

Frank Pallotta-modified.png

Frank Pallotta

New Jersey 5

Irene Armendariz Jackson-modified.png

Irene Armendariz Jackson

Texas 16

Keith Pekau-modified.png

Keith Pekau

Illinois 6

Brian Hawkins-modified.png

Brian Hawkins

California 25


There is a big world that exists out there outside politics. Every so often we will leave politics behind and feature a special guest to discuss everything from medicine, sports, business, music and entertainment so please join us in the discussion. Contact us today using the form below to be featured on All Ears.

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